The most powerful tool for your transformation is your own breath. Inhale + Exhale = Transformation

We are breathing beings. How you breathe is how we live. Yet, when caught up in the stress of daily life – faced with uncertainty about money, health, career or relationships  – most of us forget to breathe deep. We either breathe shallow, restrict or even hold our breath.

Join Angie Toh, a certified money coach and breathworker in this 1 day experiential workshop. You will :

  • Uncover your unconscious limiting beliefs around money, life and success
  • Release your self sabotage patterns and fears around money and success 
through conscious connected breathing technique
  •  Learn to harness the power of your breath to live life fully

By uncovering our limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions and releasing them through the power of conscious connected breathing breathwork, we will be able to attract and create abundance in our life effortlessly and live a life overflow with abundance of joy, love, vitality, prosperity, success, contribution and opportunities.

Size of this workshop is deliberately kept to a small group, enabling you to explore and connect on a deeper level.