A report in the Straits Times dated 14 April 2014 mentioned that more young professionals are suffering from burn-out and a check with three psychiatrists revealed that up to 90 per cent of their patients are grappling with mental health issues caused by stress from work. In a separate survey conducted by Regus in 2013, the findings shows that over one third (34%) of Singaporean workers are actually losing sleep worrying about work. The survey, canvassing the opinions of more than 20,000 senior executives and business owners across 95 countries, also found that in Singapore stress is causing a worrying increase in absenteeism (54%), damaging business productivity as well as worker well-being.

An appropriate level of stress will results in optimal performance and too much and too little stress will have adverse effect on work performance. In this highly experiential workshop, participants will learn how to manage workplace stress, be more happy and engage at work. Participants will be empowered with strategies to maximize their brain for peak performance and learn breathing techniques, mindfulness and other tools to manage their day to day emotions and stress. The objective of this workshop is to turn overwhelming negative stress into good stress and allow everyone to perform at their peak mental and physical state.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for staff that works in a highly stressed environment and finding their motivation and productivity dropping and difficulty in maintaining work life balance.

Length of workshop

This workshop can be customized based on needs of organization.  It can be either a two half-day sessions or one or two full day training.


Experiential learning, reflection exercises, meditation, mindfulness practice and breathing techniques.

Organizations need more warriors, not worriers.  Speak to us today to see how you could help transform your staff from worriers to warriors and manage stress effectively so that they can perform at their peak.