Wonder why some salesperson are still underperforming despite attending repeated sales training. Many salespeople are hindered by limiting beliefs that prevent them from implementing the best practices, principles and processes that can multiply their results. They remain bound by internal obstacles of their own thoughts and emotions. There are too many sales training focusing on sales techniques and strategies, however, to bust the limiting beliefs of the salespeople and overcome their own internal resistance towards selling or success would be the first step to create the desired sales results and outcome. Instead of focusing on the visible behaviours and results, this highly experiential workshop focuses on the thoughts, emotions, patterns and habits of the salesperson.

Participants will have a better understanding of self by identifying their own limiting beliefs around selling and success and create empowered new belief system. They will have a better understanding of their prospects by understanding how the brain works and the buying behavior of their prospects.

Who is this workshop for?

Sales professionals who want to overcome their fear, dislike or reluctance to sell ideas, products or services or to overcome under earning in selling.

 Length of workshop

 This workshop can be customized based on needs of organization.  It can be either one or two full day training.


 Highly experiential learning with role-plays and exercises.

We run this workshop as open enrolment and also customized the content to meet the objectives of a sales organization. Contact us today to see how we can support you.