~ Ms Wendy Kwek, Founder of WK Events


I was at a point in my life where the gap between my vision and my actual reality was huge.  I was struggling to bridge this gap but was falling back again and again. Not knowing how to take this leap is what prompted me to work with Angie. I was about to discover that there was so much more stopping me, the most prominent being the life patterns I took on as a child.
After our first session together I knew in my heart that the coaching process would take every ounce of my courage to shine the dark places within; the determination to focus more on the life I wanted to live rather than the life I was living. Not to forget, the love and compassion for self as I moved deeper into exploring the beliefs and thought patterns creating my life.
I knew in my heart that if I step up then Angie would give her best to guide and transform me. So I dived into the risk of working with her for 3 months. What a splendid journey it has turned out to be!
I admit it was not at all rosy and sweet. There were so many childhood memories that influenced my business and way of living. Here I really appreciate the gentle yet firm approach that Angie used in her coaching. She helps you to release and truly let go. Her simple but powerful exercises shifts you from within. There were a couple of sessions where I wanted to run away and not face what was surfacing for me. During these times Angie, without any judgment or pressure, held the space for me to express myself. There were no “should’s” and “must’s” that I had to follow. This led to greater respect for Angie and her work process.
As a result of working with Angie I was finally able to put up my website, begin a blog and newsletter. I felt confident to take the steps that I wanted to for my new life. My relationships improved, especially with my mother with whom I had a complex relation. Due to Angie’s guidance I was able to see my role in creating it. With a few consistent changes suggested by Angie I turned that relation into one of mutual support and understanding.
Slowly I began to let go of all that was robbing me from my self-worth. The most valuable change was that I learnt to ask for what I wanted. The sessions also unearthed deeply seated money patterns. This led me to create my own program on money discovery that helps women entrepreneurs earn from the gifts they share with the world. So much of my life has changed since the first session with Angie. I truly feel heartfelt gratitude toward her and thank her for being there for me!
I would highly recommend working with Angie. Not only because of her integrity, caring attitude and practical suggestions but also because she sparks a transformation in you. She is warm, generous and extremely kind yet fierce when it comes to her work process. She has helped me shed my old skin with grace and humility. I wish the very best for her! ~ Bindiya Aravandekar, Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Practitioner. India (

I have worked with Angie both as a coach and a breathworker in a variety of contexts. The words that spring to mind when I think of working with Angie are trust and integrity. These are such important qualities which enable Angie to create a space in which the transformational work can truly happen. The areas we worked on were very deeply held and I was able to gain some real insight and understanding of  these beliefs and how they were showing up. It was from this point I have been able to  create new habits and beliefs and these have made a significant impact on certain areas of my life ~Simon Crowe, Executive Coach/Trainer. London

I have never believed in coaching in my life till I met Angie, sometime I thought this is a divine arrangement.  My life, before knowing Angie was insecure, miserable and unhappy. Yet I don’t know what are the causes. I did not realized my inner self and the disempowering belief within  me. Angie have guided me through one by one patiently and allow me to know myself and love myself. This improved my self-esteem. I remembered her sharing for “ things to change, first you have to change”;  it makes me wonder how this simple theory could work? I was terribly wrong. This actually is the first step for my life to change for good, surprisingly! I have always thought that changes must come from others first and not myself, not true, it should start from me. Angie’s  sincerity and passion to coaching has created more happy people like me.  Keep up with the good work and continue to make this place a better place to live in. Thank you and always remember your sharing, Angie. My family and people around also feel good with my change. ~Billy Ng, SME Business Owner, Singapore

The whole session of one hour flows very well, from exploring to opening to new insights. I noted several new insights and action points I could act on. I can feel a new energy coming through me now after the session. I must say Angie’s mindful session allows me to explore the old and the new, at appropriate probing. I feel she truly honour who I am and helps to bring out the best in me. Thank You!  ~ Ling Kulanko, Life Transformer & Adventurer

Life Transformer & Adventurer

I came to Angie in a deep state of despair over being separated from my son through divorce. The breathwork at first was difficult for me to comprehend but undeniably as the session progressed my sadness started to release. The days after the session the sadness continued to leave my conscious mind and I felt a huge relief and a sense of empowerment knowing that through something so basic yet so powerful as breath I could move the emotion and change my body. Thank you Angie for sitting with me in my process. ~Stephen T. Kirwin , Neuormuscular Therapist, USA

Hi Angie, thank you so much for the breathwork session. I took the session as a recommendation of somebody I respect and trust, although in all honesty I personally did not think anything much would happen – after all, it is just breathing and I do that everyday right? Well, not like this! With your coaching and expertise knowing just when to connect with each of us in the room, and your excellent explanation prior, I ended up feeling so much joy and love and laughter that I have suppressed for as long as I can remember. I cannot ever remember laughing as hard and fully as I did that day! I’m not sure why, but I have lived my life only ever allowing myself to be perhaps 70% joyful and excited. Since your session I now feel joyful and present to how lucky I am, and how beautiful and amazing life and people are. It is a real gift that has shifted my experience of life forever for the better. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!  ~David Shanhun, Musician, New Zealand

I have been a massage therapist with over 20 years experience. Since 1990 I have travelled our planet massaging, training and receiving healing sessions seeking out the best practitioners in their field. I have trained in and received breathwork sessions and can recommend Angie as equal to the best I have encountered. Angie has an enormous heart and empathy for herself and clients that I trust when we are working together.  ~Roger Curtis, Massage Therapist, Australia

Angie is a person of intelligence, integrity and strong values, who would give 100% to anything she put her mind to. She was always an exceptional team member, and more importantly, an exceptional human being. ~ David Rock, Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Group

I highly recommend Angie’s professional services from coaching to Breathwork as I believe Angie will assist you in adding depth and change to your life! She will help bring the best out in you and as a result you can discover new found confidence and strengths by showing you how to clear the blocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Angie will guide you and give you tools to get started- She is effective, enthusiastic,  warm and caring. A wonderful inspirational and supportive person you can feel safe with! ~ John Stamoulos, International Master Breathworker and Trainer

Angie is a unique blend of commercial as well as intangible value/benefits. Angie has a good depth of knowledge and understanding of human processes and is quite focused on holistic contribution balancing business and self development. Angie practices value based management style and comes up with unique ways of addressing business and human needs . I recommend Angie to anyone who is looking for a REAL coach/trainer/developer ~ Makarand Tare, Chief Human Resource Officer, Singapore

I have been working on my own personal development growth for the past 5 years which included a lot of releasing and de-programming work.  I thought I had done a pretty good job releasing all the stuff that no longer served me in my life.  Then, I met Angie.  She suggested I try one session to see if it could further enhance all that I have learned so far.  What happened during that session totally blew me away.  After several minutes of relaxation and guided breathing, I realized that I was still holding on to a lot of things that I thought no longer bothered me.  It was at that moment that I made a conscious decision to explore.  Angie was with me all the way to ensure that I felt safe and supported.  With her love, care and concern, I had the most beautiful experience!  If you are serious about changing your life, I would highly recommend Breathwork.  Everyone should do this! ~Betty Vong, Massage Therapist, Singapore

Attending Angie’s class was an amazing experience. The breathing techniques helped me get into a deep state of relaxation that helped me with solving some deep issues that I have been carrying with me for a long time. After the session I was left with a great feeling of lightness and happiness. It’s was a great experience that I would recommend to everyone. ~Iva Alley, Sydney

Angie is a fantastic person. I am very grateful to be supported by her and her knowledge of coaching, healing and breathwork. I have got so much insights from just one session with Angie and am still working on my journey to be a better person.  Angie, thank you for supporting me and thank you for being such a wonderful person. ~ Tracy Nguyen, Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Sydney

I discover what had been stopping me from achieving my best.  And moving forward, I am very sure I am going to have a breakthrough because of Angie’s work on me. Thank you Angie from the bottom of my heart. ~ Derrick, Entrepreneur, Singapore

After attending the workshop, I feel more complete, whole and love. Something that I never felt before.  This breathe in abundance workshop has helped me to reconnect with myself. ~Xen, Singapore

Angie is a wonderful person. She is a absolute blessing wherever she goes. She is a real Light for her country.  ~Sondra Ray, Founder of the Loving Relationships Training and Liberation Breathing

Angie is passionate about supporting people to live a life they deserve. As a breathworker, she facilitates a process to allow the experience of a breakthrough when there are blockages that can hold us back to live a life we desire. I gained much from her talk in Global Women’s Summit 2013 and has deep trust in Angie during our one on one breathwork session. Thank you Angie. ~ Dolly Yeo, Mindset Coach, Singapore

Angie is a fantastic person, she understands how to listen and then interpret between the lines. She takes a lot of time to understand the background of a client and then through discussion highlights ways to solve issue. ~ MJ, Senior Executive, Germany