Durian and Me


Looking at this picture, you would probably think that I am a Durian lover. Well, I used to love this pungent smelling fruit when I was young and practically stop eating them for more than 20 years as I just find the smell intolerable. I’m surrounded by many durian lovers in Singapore and this group of coaches that I am trained had been talking non-stop about durian in our chat group; so much so that I had a sudden desire for a fruit that I had strong aversion with and even dreamt of eating the King of Fruits with them. So I made my very first trip of eating durian with a group of coaches on Monday night. I have to stand by my essential oil so as to mask the strong smell.

It was a fun experience stepping out to do something that I don’t normally do. I enjoy the companion, the sharing and the laughter.  The durian we had was top grade.  It was alright to eat them but the after taste in my mouth was unbearable and I’m very sure I will not eat it anytime in the near future again.

I think is fun to be adventurous and sometime step up and do things out of our routine, habits and patterns. Did my relationship with durian change? I guess not, however, I know I am capable to stretch myself and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Again, nothing is impossible right?  409179_227832423968916_659640317_n