Why is change difficult?

Change is uncomfortable for most people. The first change we experience in life is when we transit from the comfortable liquid environment of our mother’s womb to the atmosphere.  This change is usually uncomfortable as the way birth are handled in traditional hospital settings are usually quite traumatic for most babies. This is probably one of the reason why we are so resistance towards changes.  Unconsciously, we link changes to the pain and trauma that we experience at birth.

Our brain also automatically associate change as a threat. When face with something new or different, the primitive part of our brain that focus on survival goes into high alert. Once the limbic system perceives a threat, our thinking brain (the prefronal cortex) goes on a vacation and we are not able to think in a rational manner.

So, do not beat yourself up if you have been trying to create changes in your behavior or life but not able to see it through. Sometimes, we do need a coach or accountability buddy to support us through creating lasting changes. There was a study done by  Brigham Young University where it shows that people who set a specific time to share their change progress with another party has a 95% chance of making the change, as compared to 25% for those that merely commit and said “I’ll do it.” Working with a coach allows one to break through the resistance and the fear that we might have around the changes that we like to make.

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance”. ~ Nathaniel Branden