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  • October 2014
  • Are you ready for Your Miracles?

    DO YOU BELIEVE in manifestation and miracles? Do you believe we live in a world of possibilities? Have you spent far too much of your life – feeling lost, or stuck – not sure where life is directing you? Have you been challenged by a “not good enough” mantra, or had health issues that claimed […]

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  • Miracles, Momentum and Manifestation

    Luck… everyone in the world has it but me. Momentum… my life is going nowhere. Relationships… why can’t I attract the best to my life? Life… why can’t mine be healthy and happy? Are there moments that you felt this way?  The truth is… you do have the power to create your own reality; manifest […]

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  • For Things To Change, First I Must Change

    Most people are busy attempting to change their external world. We want to change our partner, our children, our boss, our staff, our government and even the world.  We think that our life will get better and happier when we could fix the other party flaw.  The truth is, for things to change, first I […]

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