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  • November 2013
  • Is time to play BIG

    Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and play big in life?  What could be one action that you can take today to step up and play a bigger role in life?  We are all here on planet earth for a purpose and the greatest joy in life is to be living […]

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  • Emotional Muscle

    This is a great article by Cranston Holden. Yes, is not enough to merely control how we respond to a situation since we could well be suppressing our feelings and emotions. Acknowledge how we feel does not mean that we need to react to the other party. Is our own feelings and we take responsibility […]

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  • I am more than good enough…you are more than good enough

    As we enter into a brand new week, let this affirmation reminds us that we are more than good enough.  Love yourself just the way you are while you continue to grow and evolve.  Most importantly, know that you already have all the love and approval you need within you. Living a life constantly seeking […]

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  • Breathe In Abundance

    Most people will immediately think of money when we mentioned the word abundance.  Oxford dictionary define abundance as “A very large quantity of something”.  For me, I like to define abundance as overflowing of money, vitality, joy, positive energy, love, peace, success & contribution. It is a feeling of having more than enough in life. […]

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